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I Love You Records is an independent record label based in Riga, Latvia. The label works with singers-songwriters, indie folk, indie pop and experimental rock artists from Baltic countries and Scandinavia.

I Love You began in December 2003 as a small bar and venue in Old Town Riga. Over the years Bar I Love You has hosted live performances of dozens of artists and bands from the Baltics and other European countries - Sweden, the United Kingdom, Austria, Poland, Portugal.

Since 2009 Bar I Love You has its own stage at Positivus Festival, the biggest open-air music festival in the Baltics, held annually in Salacgriva, Latvia. In 2009 one of the headlining acts on I Love You Stage was the band Zvani, an one-off project created by members of some well known Latvian indie bands. The live recording of Zvani performance was so impressive that Bar I Love You decided to release it under a new label I Love You Records. There were only 100 CD copies of the Zvani album were produced and the record has become a rarity between Latvian music fans.

In 2010 three more I Love You Records releases of quite different Latvian artists followed - studio albums by indie pop band Goran Gora and The Yrs (Mystyrys Yrs), experimental rock band Mona De Bo (Nekavējies, šīs ir spēles ar tevi) came out and local punk veterans Inokentijs Mārpls album Ķeras pie sirds, previously available only on CD, was released on vinyl.

2010 brought the first international deal for I Love You Records. In September the label signed a contract with Estonian band Ewert and The Two Dragons. The album Good Man Down was released in April 2011 and eventually became one of the best selling records in Estonian recording music history and received five nominations and five awards at Estonian Music Awards in 2012. The awards included Best Band, Best Video, Song of the Year, Best Rock Album and Album of The Year.

In 2011 I Love You Records also released a debut album of Latvian singer-songwriter Alise Joste and signed deals with two more bands – Momend, a promising local talent contest winner, and MaiNekk, a band consisting of Erki Pӓrnoja (Estonia, Ewert and The Two Dragons), Patrik Grundström (Sweden), Daniel Ögren (Sweden) and Ulrik Ording (Denmark). Both records – Momend, Episodes of Trust, and MaiNekk, Care for the Bulpier Ones, were released in June 2012.

In 2012 I Love You Records signed one more Estonian band Sibyl Vane. Their debut album Love, Holy Water and TV was released in November.

In the first part of 2013 I Love You Records are releasing new records from The Sound Poets (Latvia), Laika Suns (Latvia), Zebra Island (Estonia), Parara (Latvia).

Aldaru 9, Riga, LV-1050, Latvia
Tel.: +371 67225304
Email: records@iloveyou.lv

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