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Listen to SUPER BESSE new album 63610*

Exclusive pre-listening of forthcoming album by post-punk coldwavers Super Besse from Belarus.

Official album release: 25.05.2015.

I Love You Records Store Day

So here comes I Love You Record Store Day - Saturday, April 18, Bar I Love You.
First of all we will have two wonderful bands playing live - young indie synthpopers Cilvēks - Sapņotājs and later on Matīss Kļaviņš will present his second EP.

Second before and after we will have I Love You Records stock cleaning which means that all CDs will drop to 5 EUR and LPs 10 EUR plus grab one of our artists promo CDs for free (Goran Gora, Alise Joste, Mona De Bo, Martin Confused, Gaujarts). This concerns items bought at I love You Bar.

Those who prefer our webstore with every purchase CD or LP get one CD for free (write us  - records@iloveyou.lv - which to add to your package)

Exclusive album prelisten on Deezer

I Love You Records will release “Spirals” on 27th of October but from 21st of October the album is already available for pre-listen on Deezer.
The video version for the first single “Another Human Being” was made by director Roberts Kuļenko and camera operator Jānis Andrejevs , starring Roman Korovin.
“The idea for the video was born when we found an article about the most interesting subcultures in the world, particularly a subculture in Mexico, which is based on a men’s dance in unorthodox-looking boots. This dance could seem absolutely incomprehensible from another culture’s point of view. The main message of the video and the song is about things that people want to keep only to themselves for variety of reasons. Those things can bring great joy and fulfilment, but the more of those things a person has, the lonelier he might become,” explains the singer, guitarist and songwriter Kārlis Strūbergs.