„MaiNekk” was formed in 2006 by guitarist Erki Pӓrnoja, now better known as a member of the most successful Estonian music export to date „Ewert and The Two Dragons”, Swedish musicians Daniel Ögren and Patrik Grundström, and Denmark born Ulrik Ording. All of them were studying music in Göteborg, Sweden, at the time.

Band’s first album „Dance Dance and Rotate” was a self-released instrumental recording. For the next album „MaiNekk” teamed up with a number of guest musicians, all of them well known in Sweden – Erika Angell, Anna Von Hausswolff, Linnea Henriksson, Henrik Skanfors, Tony Naima. Not they only provided vocals but also were involved in songwriting for the album „Care for the Bulpier Ones”, released in 2012.

„In my world the Swedish-Danish-Estonian constellation „MaiNekk” has somewhat of a dream line up. The jazz taught but now pop executing guitarists Daniel Ögren and Erki Pärnoja are both restrainedly brilliant. Ögren is also Anna Von Hausswolffs guitarst and Pärnoja, prized 2008 as Estonia’s best young jazz talent, is on good way for an international breakthrough with the band „Ewert and the Two Dragons”. „MaiNekk’s” second full-length album, released by the Latvian indie label „I Love You Records” is a piece of gold, genre-wise dynamic as a few else. Sometimes the music lands in post-rock, sometimes in „Fleet Foxes”-airy indie, in instrumental pop-fuzz or in some other distinguished compote,” wrote Swedish newspaper „Vӓrmlands Folkblad” in 2012.

„The album is like an exempting walk in a delightful company – friends and strangers (reference to the guest vocalists) – each of every one of them sharing their stories and personal values, somewhere in the beautiful yet unpredictable wilderness (symbolizing the instrumental part),” added „The Baltic Scene”.