This story begins in the summer of 2011 when two friends Janis, the musical mastermind, along with Normunds who is the master of electric guitar, decide to make a band –The Sound Poets.

Their first song “Emily” rocketed the band to the spotlight and the following single “Kalniem pāri ” attracted, even more attention – weeks of 1st places on radio charts, invitation to open Latvian Music Awards ceremony and first invitations to festivals of 2012. The rest is history…

By now The Sound Poets has released two studio albums – “Tavs stāsts” (I Love You Records, 2013) and “Pulsē” (The Sound Poets, 2015).

The Sound Poets has been compared to many of the greats – Arcade Fire, Coldplay, Keane, but they have always managed to stand out on their own – emotionally intelligent pop-rock way. Their performances can be characterized as an emotionally charged and powerful, maintaining a long-lasting resonance with the audience even after the last note has been played.