Entitled using a Lithuanian masculine forename, Židrūns is a rock band, which has been a visible part of the Latvian independent music scene since 2004. Creating, recording and performing its works, stylistically the band has turned its attention to a range of aesthetic variations as punk, garage rock, post-hardcore and stoner rock. Over years of creative explorations, the four-piece has blended a sound of its own that can vaguely be characterized as an independent rock but rather describes the attitude behind the music than the actual songs by Židrūns.

The band’s debut full-length “Židrūnam sāp” (“It hurts to Židrūns”) was released in 2008 on Latvian DIY label Silence Kills You Records (SKYR) and was followed by “Židrūns dzeltenbaltdzeltenais” in 2010 (“Židrūns, the Yellow-White-Yellow”) also on SKYR. The two records received some critical acclaim and earned the band a community of supporters, who go to shows at pop-up venues in Riga and elsewhere in Latvia, while louder performances take place at festivals differing in content and size.

No songs about love between people; interest in developing rhythms and; most lyrics are written in Latvian – these are not rules, but a tradition that is well-maintained also in the band’s third full-length studio album. Entitled “Židrūns un tas, ko nevar nest” (“Židrūns Carrying the Unbearable”) it is a take on groove, melody, and ambiance that is both idealistic and playful. Released on vinyl and digital by I love you Rec in 2016.